Experiences“Miss” Understanding :)

“Miss” Understanding :)

Am used to go to the swimming pool daily. One fine day – usual day i was swimming and a white chick comes to the pool to swim. Everything goes normal -she says hi I say hi – conversation ends and swimming starts 😛 – i was learning back float that time and was scared to float on my back in the deep – so was wading in shallow waters. There was no one in the pool – it was getting dark – the lady was swimming like a maniac – from one long end to another end continuously and when she passed i used to try back float from the shorter wide end to another – imagine both of us swimming along a + mark.

I was about to do my last back float and the lady started from the other side towards me – now i saw the girl and wanted to let her pass – so i was just getting ready flipping my legs and splashing the water – i think the lady thought i was going to start swimming at the same time and we both will clash – she was gasping for breath due to the maniacal swimming – so as she came near she gasped and told “I am passing” – i looked at her – did she talk to mee??? – she again said “I am passing” –

Now “passing” can have diff meanings in different contexts – it was dark, she was totally gasping for breath and my dictionary said “passing” = “fainting” 😛 😛 – i though she was about to faint in deep water

I wanted to be a good citizen and help out – so i ran out of the pool like a mad man splashing, falling, dropping, skidding to the float balloon and the pool rescue rod(the pools have a float and a rescue rod) – with all my might i threw the float near the lady and tried to put the rescue metal club towards her

The chick freaked out on me 😛 😛 – thank gawd she didnt scream or call 911 else i would be in cuffs for being a good citizen 😀

Here’s the most interesting part – she didnt understand why i ran like bonkers out of the pool – then again she didnt understand why i threw the float towards her. She thought i was “UPSET” on not being allowed to swim first in the pool and was behaving insane – ha ha haaaaa

After i threw the float and watched – she coolly swam to the other end of the pool – and came out – and there i was gawking at what i did

My dictionary betrayed me and now said “passing” = “pass the path/pool” DANG!!

I jeered as she was still staring at me and said – “I thought u were about to pass”
“Ya I was” – was the reply

Damn u Naveen – ok i said “i thought u were about to faint” 😀

Both of us had a good laugh – talked for a while – she asked me some things about India.
Finally we came back our ways – me still laughing on my dictionary 🙂 🙂

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