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Touch Pad Problems with Toshiba Satellite Laptops

I have a Toshiba Laptop and I also faced this problem and finally was able to solve it. I had to read through many blogs and sites for this problem – here is a collection of the available solutions – thanks to all the people helping out.

The Problem – Toshiba (mouse) touch pads stop working, get locked. sometimes you feel that this is because you have a USB mouse installed

Below relate to the satellite laptops – other laptops may vary

Solutions :

1) Make Sure that your touch pad is not getting locked – u can check this by using the Function Key(FN) + the F9 key on your laptop. Pressing the FN + F9 will bring up a small menu on the right top corner of the screen where you can see enable/disable. Pressing this key combination once will lock the pad and pressing it twice will unlock it. The way it is done is – first press and hold the FN key – with the FN key pressed – now press the F9 key – the menu will pop up on the screen – pressing the F9 key 1 or 2 times- u can see that the pad is either enabled or disabled.
If this dosent work out – read on

2) If it is not a hardware or driver problem – then this step MUST solve the problem.Steps to follow

  1. Read this solution first (:P)
  2. Shutdown your computer
  3. Un Plug the power cord from the outlet or your PC
  4. Remove the laptop battery
  5. Now plug back the power cord
  6. Restart your system
  7. Check if your mouse is now working
  8. If yes then shutdown the system, unplug the power, insert battery and restart
  9. Enjoy

Explanation for above – some static charge builds up in the laptop that causes this problem.

If this too is not working then – it is either a software problem or the hardware problem.
Software problems may be – driver problems or any software like a firewall or a security software that is blocking the touch-pad.

Hardware problems can be solved by a technician whom you need to visit.

For more information on the drivers and stuff you can read this post below

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  1. ray dinoi

    February 4, 2014 3:36 am

    i've seen you tube on replacing toshiba touch pad panel. do u know what prob would require this?

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