TechnologyVista Host, Ubuntu Guest – File and folder sharing in Sun Virtual Box

Vista Host, Ubuntu Guest – File and folder sharing in Sun Virtual Box

This is for the following
Host OS – Windows Vista
Guest OS – Ubuntu Linux

If you have reached this post then

1. You must have Sun virtual box installed on Vista
2. You must have installed Ubuntu on the Vbox


1. Start Sun Vbox (do not start Ubuntu)
2. Idea is to share entire Vista Desktop to ubuntu
3. In the Vbox at the right see the Details tab (scroll down to Shared Folders) – u can see other options like Audio,Network,Serial Ports – last is the shared folder

4. Click on the shared folders – it must bring up a small window – see the pic below – make sure you are on the shared folder – then at right top there is a small button that says Add Shared Folder (see pic) – click it – it will bring up one more small window

5. In this window – enter the full path of your desktop into the Folder Path(eg my path was C:\Users\Naveen\Desktop)
6. In the folder name enter a folder name – keep it simple and remember – this folder name will be used in the command line in Ubuntu (eg i entered the name as share)
7. Click OK you must see as in the pic below – you can also see a small tip given by Vbox – if u r good then u already figured what to do 🙂
8. For the not so good ppl like me – click ok –

9. Now boot up Ubuntu
10. Create a folder called windows on your Ubuntu Desktop
11. Open a terminal and type the below command – now before typing the command you have to give the proper path to the folder windows in YOUR system – my path to the folder windows is /home/naveen/Desktop/windows  – You will have a different path so modify accordingly (eg /home/username/Desktop/windows) or create a folder where ever you like in Ubuntu and give the correct folder path
12. The command is of the format (the word “share” in the command below is the name of the folder you entered in the Shared Folder box)

sudo mount -t vboxsf share [filepath]

13. For me i would enter

sudo mount -t vboxsf share /home/naveen/Desktop/windows

14. It will ask for root password – type it in properly and that is it – open the folder windows and refresh it – you have your entire windows desktop in ubuntu desktop
15. Remember you will have to type in the above command every time you boot into Ubuntu
16. If you want you can make it mount automatically or make it into a script – refer to linux tutorials for that 🙂

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