LinuxUbuntu experiences :)

Ubuntu experiences :)

Dual booted Windows 7 and  Ubuntu(Karmic Koala). Ubuntu runs like a baby :). But i faced some issues and i am documenting them below. Not that I am new to Ubuntu, however my Toshiba Laptop which came pre-installed with Vista is. I will be updating this post as and when i learn new things. If you have better solutions please leave a comment. I opted for dual boot as compared to Sun Virtual Box is because of the RAM. Sun Vbox is a great software and if you have a 4-gig then i would say install Ubuntu and VM Windows 7 on it – or the other way around.

My System Config
1.System: Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5868
2.Operating system: Windows Vista Home Premium pre-installed
3.Processor: AMD Turion Dual Core RM-7C 64-Bit
4.RAM: 2 gig SDRAM
5.HDD: 250 GB
6.Graphics ATI Radeon
7.Wi-fi and Web cam

What did I do
1.Formatted Entire Drive and dual booted Windows 7 + Karmic Koala(Ubuntu)

Good things first 🙂
1.Ubuntu booted up gracefully – great look and feel – powerful
2.Very easy installation
3.Sound card detected automatically – was able to play songs right out of the box
4.Wireless network detected automatically – was able to surf Internet right away
5.Good monitor resolution and display.
6.Able to play videos, see pictures right away.
7.All external(usb) disks(1 Tera Byte Western Digital and 250 GB Western Digital), flash drives were gracefully detected – file transfers,speeds normal
8.Mouse touch pad works like a charm
9.System speakers work fine
10.Battery detected and displays time remaining etc
11.CD/DVD drive works perfect.
12.Wireless/Wired USB mouse works fine
13.4 port USB hub works fine

What didnt work out of the box
1.Headphones(Microsoft LifeChat USB powered)
2.Function keys
3.Some Toshiba specific functions line finger print and face recognition are gone.

Some good software List to Install
1.First install all the recommended updates by the Synaptic Manager
2.Updated Firefox.
3.Installed Google Chrome Web Browser.
4.Installed Vuze Bit Torrent Client
5.Installed FileZilla for SFTP
6.Installed VLC media player
7.Installed Balanzan Theme for Ubuntu – nicee
8.Installed java run time environment
9.Updated and Installed Flash Player for Firefox
10.Installed Kate text editor – looks good-lots of other options

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