Tips and TricksDeleting Stubborn Windows Files

Deleting Stubborn Windows Files

Sometimes in Windows there are files that you cannot delete. Typical properties of these files are
1. They are 0 bytes
2. Cannot cut / paste this files
3. Cannot delete / move this files
4. When you try to delete it gives a message “Cannot find file” even though you can actually see the file in that location.
Method to delete
1. Open command prompt as administrator
2. go to the directory where the file exists
3. search for the file using dir *filename
4. For example if the problem file was cannotdelete.exe i would issue the command dir *.exe
5. Make sure the search results only return the problem file – in case the search gives more than the problem file,
you will have to manipulate your search to return only the problem file
6. Once you are sure that the only file returned is the problem file you can issue the command del *filename to delete the file
7. In my case i would use del *.exe to delete
This worked for me but for some it might not work because it is Windows 😀

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