Tips and TricksWindows 7 sort by date accessed

Windows 7 sort by date accessed

Some times you need to sort files based on date accesses not date modified.

  1. Open the required folder
  2. Right click -> sort by -> more
  3. Check mark Date Accessed and press ok
  4. Change the folder view to display all details of the file (basically the detailed view of a folder)
  5. You should now be able to see date modified as well as date accesses
  6. Try opening any file and see if the date accessed changes to todays date?
  7. If not – then you need to set up the date accessed field – if yes then you are good to go
  8. In case the date accessed field does not update then do the following
  9. Run the command prompt as an administrator
  10. Issue the command
    C:\>fsutil behavior query DisableLastAccess
  11. If you get “DisableLastAccess = 1” it has been disabled.
  12. You can enable it by entering:
    C:\>fsutil behavior set DisableLastAccess 0
  13. A restart of the system may be required after this

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  1. November 18, 2010 3:43 pm

    What I am more interested in is access dates by a specific program. Like, if I want to see which songs/albums/movies I haven't heard/seen for a long time, I would like to see the last access dates by media players, and not antivirus/file sharing softwares.

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