DrupalUpgrading Drupal

Upgrading Drupal

Follow the below Steps to upgrade drupal – this is up till drupal v 6.19

Most Important Steps

  1. Backup the Drupal Database
  2. Backup any external database that Drupal is referencing ( not required but a good practice )
  3. Backup the entire Drupal installation directory (mine is in /usr/share/drupal6)
  4. Backup the “sites” folder – very important
  5. For single sites, the config file is located in /sites/default/settings.php
  6. For multi-site each site folder has its own settings.php
  7. Disable all contributed modules – keep only Drupal core modules active
  8. Switch to a default theme (Blue Marine or Garland)
  9. Put the site in Maintenance Mode

I have my drupal installation like this

Drupal installation folder = /usr/shr/drupal6

This directory(/usr/shr/drupal6) has 2 symlinks (sites ->/etc/drupal/6/sites and profile-> /etc/drupal/6/profiles)  and other files like cron.php, index.php, robots.txt

Next Steps (Please note that your system paths may be different – this is just a guide)

  1. Log into your Drupal web site as a Super User ( Drupal uid = 1 )
  2. Download latest stable release of Drupal for the drupal site
  3. Unzip it to the Desktop
  4. Do the below operations as a Super User for the Operating System (or FTP or make sure the folders have the correct permissions)
  5. Delete all files in the Drupal installation folder
  6. Copy new Drupal installation files from the desktop to default Drupal installation folder (/usr/shr/drupal6)
  7. Now copy back the “sites” folder and “profile” folder to the default Drupal installation folder (/usr/shr/drupal6)
  8. If your robots.txt file was edited previously, copy the old one and over write the new one
  9. In your Drupal site, enable all required modules
  10. Next access the URL www.yoursite.com/update.php ( yoursite.com is the name of your website )
  11. It should tell you that the database will be updated – continue and finish the update
  12. Enable the themes , clear cache and check site for errors if any

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