Month: October 2010

mysqldump: Got packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet’ bytes

Naveen Nayak October 27, 2010 No Comments MySQL

If you get this error then you need to change the max_allowed_packet size in my.cnf  in the [mysqldump] section [mysqldump] max_allowed_packet = 500M The maximum size as of Mysql 5.1 is 1024 MB This works fine if you are on the localhost and are using mysqldump from the local host However, if you are trying […]

Windows 7 hidden themes

Naveen Nayak October 13, 2010 No Comments Tips and Tricks

To enable hidden themes in Windows 7 Enable Show Hidden Files in Windows 7 Control panel -> Folder Options -> View -> Show Hidden Folders, Files and Drives Open any Folder and type the address in the address bar \Windows\Globalization\MCT You will see 5 folders which represent different countries Each folder has a “THEMES” folder in it […]

Error: Host key verification failed. Please select another viewer and try again

Naveen Nayak October 8, 2010 No Comments Tips and Tricks

Sometimes you get this error in Ubuntu “Error: Host key verification failed. Please select another viewer and try again” Just delete the offending key in  ~/.ssh/known_hosts . If you dont know the key or are too bored to search for it, then make a copy of the file and delete everything in it. To edit form […]

Server Codes

Naveen Nayak October 4, 2010 No Comments Web Development

Successful Client Requests 200   OK 201   Created 202   Accepted 203   Non-Authorative Information 204   No Content 205   Reset Content 206   Partial Content Client Request Redirected 300   Multiple Choices 301   Moved Permanently 302   Moved Temporarily 303   See Other 304   Not Modified 305   Use Proxy […]

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