Tips and TricksWindows 7 hidden themes

Windows 7 hidden themes

To enable hidden themes in Windows 7

  1. Enable Show Hidden Files in Windows 7
  2. Control panel -> Folder Options -> View -> Show Hidden Folders, Files and Drives
  3. Open any Folder and type the address in the address bar
  4. \Windows\Globalization\MCT
  5. You will see 5 folders which represent different countries
  6. Each folder has a “THEMES” folder in it
  7. There is a .theme file inside the theme folder – double click it
  8. It will add the theme automatically to your themes
  9. Do this for all the themes – now you have 5 new themes
  10. Go to Control Panel -> Personalization
  11. Select the theme from there

    Check this out  for visual help

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