Windows 7 find all pictures

Some times Windows is not as user friendly as it is supposed to be – for example, i wanted to find all the pictures in my computer.

The search in Windows 7 is not so clear on how to perform this task ( XP had this feature )

To search for all “certain kind” of media or files you can do the following trick

  1. Go to the folder you want to search
  2. On the search bar to the top-right type kind:
  3. You should see a drop down to various kinds of search – choose the one you want and hit enter
  4. If you want to find all pictures, the search would be kind:=picture
  5. If you want to search for pictures and something else then it would be kind:=music OR kind:=pictures OR kind:=videos

Note that you can also use Windows Picture Gallery – it might provide more search options

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53 thoughts on “Windows 7 find all pictures

  1. D'Train says:

    Can this be expanded to find only pictures with a Rating= 5. My wife keeps everything and its starting to hog to much space in my backup plan. I would like to script something to find only 5 star photos and copy those over to new folder….eventually nuking the junk.

  2. aalaoni says:

    Thank you for the clear description. I still have one question. Assume that I want to search for all videos on my computer. Assume aslso that some videos are saved in the video folder and the rest are saved in the video players’ libraries such as the WMP, DIVX, REALPLAYER…etc. Will the instructions you listed above be enough to find all videos?

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