Month: November 2011

Ubuntu Xfce Dual Monitors

Naveen Nayak November 21, 2011 4 Comments Linux

Frustrated from Ubuntu’s Unity and unable to get Gnome 3 work properly on Virtualbox ( dual screen monitors display a blue screen when in Gnome 3) – i finally installed Xfce Its amazingly fast and has a very simple interface To install Xfce on Ubuntu do the following sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install […]

jQuery select lists

Naveen Nayak November 7, 2011 No Comments Javascript

Get the value of the selected item  $(“listBoxSelector :selected”).val(); Get the text of the selected item  $(“listBoxSelector :selected”).text(); Get multiple selected values ( or loop through all selected values ) $(“listBoxSelector :selected”).each(function(i, selected){      var value = $(selected).val();      var text = $(selected).text(); }); Empty a list  $(“listBoxSelector”).empty(); Append Options to a list  […]

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