Linux, Tips and TricksInstalling PHPStorm on Ubuntu 11.10 with SUN JDK

Installing PHPStorm on Ubuntu 11.10 with SUN JDK

  • PHPStorm is a nice ( but not free ) IDE  and we decided to use it in our development environment.
  • Installs nicely in Windows and Mac.
  • However, Ubuntu 11.10 is the problem as it does not have SUN JDK by default.


  1. Ubuntu 11.10
  2. PHPStorm 3
  3. PHPStorm only runs on SUN JDK ( and not openjdk that comes default with Ubuntu 11.10 )
  4. We need to install SUN JDK and then update java alternatives
  5. See my post on how to install SUN JDK
  6. After installing SUN JDK  – just go to PHPStorm/bin and run the

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  1. November 9, 2011 8:46 pm

    [...] joerg administration, eclipse, snippet, ubuntu WDE 2 Comments TweetMy current IDE is Eclipse for PHP Developer. The best way to install it is manually by downloading the Eclipse files from To run Eclipse I need to install a Java runtime environment, for example the OpenJDK runtime can be installed from the Ubuntu Software Center or a how install the SUN JDK can be found on Naveen Nayak’s Blog. [...]

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