Month: September 2012

Drupal 6 Bootstrap : Load Drupal from an external PHP script

Naveen Nayak September 23, 2012 No Comments Drupal

You can load drupal into an external PHP script. The external PHP script looks like this //change working directory to Drupal root directory chdir(‘/var/www/drupal/’); //include bootstrap file require_once ‘includes/’; // bootstrap drupal drupal_bootstrap(DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_FULL);  /* you can then call drupal functions etc like * db_query() * noad_load() */ $global $user; /* remember if you want have […]

Connect from PHP to Oracle DB ( using OCI8 on Ubuntu with Oracle Instant Client and SDK )

Naveen Nayak September 17, 2012 71 Comments Linux

I will be doing this on VirtualBox with Ubuntu 12.04 installed on it and up to date. Please note that the OCI8 extensions, PHP version might be different or greater based on what OS version you are trying to install Before we begin, make sure you have the following A working instance of LAMP ( […]

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