Tips and TricksUnlocking AT&T iphone4 ( the legal way )

Unlocking AT&T iphone4 ( the legal way )

I recently unlocked my AT&T iphone after my contract ended with AT&T. Here are some steps

These steps are only for IPhone 4 ( with an AT&T contract )

I assume you have done the following

  1. Make sure that your contract has ended with AT&T
  2. Make sure that you have paid all your bills before you send an unlock request
  3. Make an unlock request online – log into your AT&T web portal and there is a menu option called Unlock Iphone
  4. This will ask for some information like the IMEI number etc – fill them in – submit the request – you will get a confirmation email
  5. You can track your unlock request from here ( yes – its not instant – takes  a week sometimes )
  6. Once AT&T approves the unlock, they will notify you and provide some instructions

Unlocking the device

  1. Connect your iphone to your computer via the cable
  2. ITunes must pop up or open it up
  3. Very Important: Make a backup of your IPhone on the local computer 
  4. Again : make sure that you have a backup – if you lose data in between it will be a mess ( transfer / sync / backup all your purchased apps, songs everything )
  5. Now using ITunes, reset the phone to its Factory Settings 
  6. Once you do this, you will see a screenshot like the one below – this tells you that your IPhone is unlocked
  7. Now restore your phone back from the backup you took ( i hope you did 😛 )
  8. Last step is to try sim cards from other carriers to be sure that the unlock worked
  9. Enjoy the freedom from the clutches of the big corporations 🙂

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