Tips and TricksWindows 7 search files using dates

Windows 7 search files using dates

  1. Just go to the search bar inside the folder you want to search
  2. When you click on the search bar, you might see some suggestions like Date Modified – click on that
  3. Else type datemodified:  hit enter and a box must pop up – see pictures below
  4. Choose your option
  5. If you want to do a range search, then all you need to do is click, hold and drag your mouse across dates ( like is pic 2 )
  6. If you want to search using both date and size, you can combine the two
  7. just use a semicolon
  8. So if i want to search by both date and size, in the search bar, i would type datemodified: hit enter and select the date(s)
  9. Then add a semicolon at the end and enter size:  and select the size ( see pic 3 )


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