LAMPPHP send text message

PHP send text message

 * send a text message via email to a phone 
 * a quick test is to open up gmail and put the phoneNumber@domainName
 * a list of domains can be found here
 * put some text in the Subject and Body and hit send. 
 * If your number and domain is correct, you should get a text 
 * NOTE: Your carrier may charge you
 * example of how a text message might be routed 
 * php mail() -> http server -> cloud/internet -> SMS gateway -> Remote Tower -> Customer Phone
 * remember that the customer might get charged for non standard text messaging
 * make sure your mails are going out properly 

/* number to send a text to and the domain
 * this should be in the form phoneNumber@domainName
 * see the link for domain names at the top
 * i am using a example number here, put the correct phone number
$phonenumber = '';

mail( $phonenumber, 'Alert message from PHP', 'Testing' );

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