Tips and TricksBetter Putty Color Scheme for existing Sessions on Windows

Better Putty Color Scheme for existing Sessions on Windows

Putty is a versatile tool for remote SSH access – however the color schemes are not too impressive. The blue especially is really bad. You can change the blue color in the settings but what if you already have a ton of putty Saved Sessions. You will have to painfully modify each. There is a better way by directly modifying the registry entry for all sessions at once.

I am doing this on Windows 7.
A word of caution, we will be modifying registry entries. I have done this many times without problems, however I will still say, do it at your own risk.

Right, lets get to it then.

Press Windows Key + R to get the Run prompt
Enter regedit and press Ok. This will open the registry editor
Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Simontatham -> PuTTY
Expand Sessions and you should see all your Saved Sessions listed there
Right Click on Sessions and select Export
Save the file as putty-original.reg somewhere where you can locate it
Dont modify this file, this is your backup file
If something goes wrong or you dont like the changes, you re-import this file and you are back where you started
Make a copy of the file call it putty-new.reg
Open putty-new.reg in your text editor ( i am using notepad++ or sublime )
This will have color value blocks for all your Saved Sessions.
You have to replace the entire color block with the new color block

Replace the color blocks with this new color block – do this for all color blocks


Once you have replaced blocks for all sessions in the file, save putty-new.reg
Double click on putty-new.reg to import the new settings.
Windows will ask for permissions and display warnings, go ahead click ok

Exit out of your current putty sessions and re connect.
You should see the new colors and color scheme.

If something went wrong, or you did not like the color scheme, double click putty-original.reg to get back to your old settings.
Keep putty-original.reg safely.

There are many links on the web which will let you build your own color schemes – try them

This color scheme I found here

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