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Ubuntu recover root password

Naveen Nayak January 18, 2012 9 Comments Linux

Today i locked myself out of Ubuntu 11.10 with a stupid typo The Mistake: Single user mode: i am the only system user and i and the admin Wanted to add myself to the vbox group My supplementary groups were “admin” which is the Ubuntu default for superusers typed the command usermod -G vboxsf naveen […]

Ubuntu Xfce Dual Monitors

Naveen Nayak November 21, 2011 4 Comments Linux

Frustrated from Ubuntu’s Unity and unable to get Gnome 3 work properly on Virtualbox ( dual screen monitors display a blue screen when in Gnome 3) – i finally installed Xfce Its amazingly fast and has a very simple interface To install Xfce on Ubuntu do the following sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install […]

Linux grep

Naveen Nayak October 9, 2011 No Comments Linux

List of grep commands To find a string in a file inside a directory ( searches all files in the directory ) grep -r ‘search-string’ path-to-directory

Linux Commands

Naveen Nayak November 4, 2010 No Comments Linux

Include Date in a file name – we will create a file named – On the command prompt check these commands out. Check out other date formats from man pages – The outermost pair of quotes tells shell to execute the command and substitute result in the place. The inner quotes are used to […]


Naveen Nayak November 4, 2010 No Comments Linux

Open CRON       sudo crontab -e Check if a CRON job is executing  – use this entry in the cron tab – this will create the file called cron_running.txt in your Desktop every minute       * * * * * touch ~/Desktop/cron_running.txt Troubleshooting CRON       check the file /var/log/syslog  

Ubuntu experiences :)

Naveen Nayak February 15, 2010 No Comments Linux

Dual booted Windows 7 and  Ubuntu(Karmic Koala). Ubuntu runs like a baby :). But i faced some issues and i am documenting them below. Not that I am new to Ubuntu, however my Toshiba Laptop which came pre-installed with Vista is. I will be updating this post as and when i learn new things. If […]

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