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My Dream Desktop Computer 8/19/2010

Naveen Nayak August 19, 2010 1 Comment Technology

BLUETOOTH: USB Bluetooth 2.X EDR Dongle with Led Light Thumb Size [+12] CD: Pioneer BDR-205 (Black Color) 12X Blu-Ray Writer Drive [+150] CD2: 24X Double Layer Dual Format DVD+-R/+-RW + CD-R/RW Drive (BLACK COLOR) CAS: * CoolerMaster CSX Hand Airbrushed Tower Case W/ Mod Side-Panel [+340] (CSX CX-830DRGN-01-GP Hand Airbrushed Green Dragon Tower Case w/ […]

How to log into Administrator Account in Windows Vista

Naveen Nayak December 21, 2009 No Comments Technology

Go to Start – All Programs – Accessories – Command Prompt Right Click on the Command Prompt and select “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR” A command prompt must open up with C:\Windows\system32> At the command prompt type the following(without quotes) “net user administrator /active:yes” Log off and you can see the administrator. Once you log in, set […]

How to disable the security feature or permission feature in Windows Vista

Naveen Nayak December 21, 2009 No Comments Technology

This feature is called UAC – User Account Control It can be annoying some times – though it is a very good feature that Vista can boast of To disable this feature go to Start – Control Panel – User Account Select “Turn User Account Control On or Off” Un ckeck the Use UAC – […]

The AVI Chunk Viewer Problem

Naveen Nayak December 21, 2009 No Comments Technology

If you have installed Google Desktop, when you press the SHIFT key, the AVI Chunk Viewer pops out each time. It can be too annoying. Here is way to get out of it. If you have installed the K-Lite codec pack, use their “Codec Tweak Tool” located under your Start menu’s K-Lite Codec Pack\Configuration folder. […]

Firefox Tuning

Naveen Nayak December 20, 2009 No Comments Technology

Firefox Tuning Rise up the speed of your Firefox Browser: Open the configuration menu by typing in the following into the field where you normally fill in the URLs: About:config In the config menu you have to set up the following changes: – network.http.pipelining (double click : change to TRUE) – network.http.proxy.pipelining (double click : […]

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