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Linux Cron not running ?

Naveen Nayak April 13, 2015 No Comments Linux, Tips and Tricks

There are 2 ways to set up periodic cron jobs in linux Put them directly in the crontab Put them in one of the cron directories – below are available /etc/cron.hourly /etc/cron.daily /etc/cron.weekly /etc/cron.monthly So you can create a script and put it in one of the directories and they will run according to schedule […]

Clear Screen for MySQL Command Prompt – Linux

Naveen Nayak June 18, 2014 No Comments MySQL, Tips and Tricks ,

On Linux, if you have logged into mysql on the command prompt  and want to clear all text on screen you can use mysql> \! clear \! system-command is the command format \! tells mysql to pass the command to the system Example [naveen@localhost ~]$ mysql -u root -p Enter password: Welcome to the MySQL monitor. […]

DataTables with Twitter Bootstrap FixedColumns not working

Naveen Nayak July 11, 2013 No Comments Tips and Tricks, Web Development

DataTables integrates very well with Twitter Bootstrap and the results look amazing. I was tinkering with the two and ran into a problem when using the FixedColumns plugin. Whenever I used bootstrap.css, the horizontal scroll bar would disappear. After searching around for a long time, found that bootstrap table property of max-width is the culprit. So just […]

Linux Mint adding launcher to Panel

Naveen Nayak June 6, 2013 5 Comments Linux, Tips and Tricks

Just go here and add a launcher – enjoy 🙂 /usr/share/cinnamon/applets/  run the file  /usr/share/cinnamon/applets/  a nice GUI window should open up and allow you to add the launcher with the Name and Icon if there is an error, check the permissions on the .py file

Linux Bash Aliases

Naveen Nayak June 3, 2013 No Comments Linux, Tips and Tricks

If you are constantly typing lengthy commands or a series of common commands, the bash alias feature in Linux is your friend. You can slim down the lengthy bash command into your favorite command name and use it whenever you need. One of the main advantage is that you can store all your command aliases […]

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